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“[Barleymoon] is a masterful achievement, brilliant musicianship”

~Audiophile Audition

“[Ayreheart's] performance is at turns intimate, inviting, playful, wistful, melancholy, even menacing.”

~Early Music America

“Ayreheart drives the music at a light, dancing pace, constantly stepping just ahead of expectations to delight and entertain”

“[Barleymoon] is a colorful collection of magnificently executed arrangements and interpretations”

~Metronome Magazine

“It's elegant storytelling that exercises your imagination and coats your senses with wonderment.”

~Metronome Magazine

“intoxicatingly exhilarating music meant for the thinking man & woman that is sure to stir heart and soul. Bravo!”

~Metronome Magazine

“Here is music that is born of what has come but leads us into where we can go; old forms born anew and ever fresh.”

~Robert Aubry Davis, Creator/Producer/Host of Millennium of Music

“a contemporary folk group whose energized delivery breathes new life into music that just happens to have been written long ago”